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A Clean Start: Liquid Soap Making Training Empowers Communities economically

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Going practical is the order of the day as it instils long life skills that the beneficiary can use to change their lives for better. And as ACFODE strongly believes in this and thus ensures to include it in her interventions.
In a bid to strengthen economic security among her beneficiaries, ACFODE, recently conducted a two-day practical skills training session in liquid soap making for the listeners club and model couples in Kyakatwanga village , Kyegegwa District.

The initiative aimed to promote experiential learning, enhance entrepreneurial skills, and provide participants with valuable marketing strategies that would in the long run create economic sustainability.
Held at the Kyakatwanga Catholic Church, the training session attracted a total of 31 participants, comprising 21 females and 10 males. Among the attendees was Byamugisha Benson, a member of the old model couple cohort, who expressed his gratitude to ACFODE for the transformative training.

"For us, we still have the energy to walk looking for the market for liquid soap,it has changed my family so much as it has reduced my expense of buying soap for my daughter who goes to school” remarked Mr Byamugisah Benson.

He highlighted the potential for modernising liquid soap production by elevating its quality through branding and packaging, so with this training and more, he asserted how sure he is that things will be different for them because they use soap daily and went ahead to commend ACFODE for the rare opportunity.
Benson also shared how the newfound knowledge had positively impacted his household, reducing his expenses on purchasing soap for his daughter's school needs.

The training session not only equipped participants with practical skills but also instilled a sense of empowerment and self-sufficiency. Kansiime Grace, a beneficiary of the training, emphasized the importance of passing on the knowledge acquired to ensure sustainability within the community.

"We are grateful to ACFODE for empowering us through this training. Now, we are not only trained but also training others, ensuring that the community members are empowered," stated Grace.

The impact of the training extended beyond individual households to community groups, such as the Kyakatwanga Young Mothers Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) group. Bafaki Gideon, the chairperson of the group, expressed his appreciation to ACFODE for providing members with the skills needed to generate income and increase their shares within the VSLA group.

Furthermore, Kyarisiima Getrida, a member of the listeners’ club, shared her testimony, highlighting the significance of the training for child mothers like herself.

"I have been facing challenges with purchasing soap, but now, thanks to ACFODE, I have the knowledge to make liquid soap," stated Getrida.

ACFODE's initiative not only equips individuals with practical skills but also fosters community resilience and economic empowerment.