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Empowered to Act: Enhancing Gender Inclusive Programming and Service Delivery among Member-based organisations. (Jan 2023-Dec 2027)

This project is a collaborative effort aimed at addressing various challenges related to gender inequality and women's economic justice in Uganda. By partnering with We Effect, the project leverages evidence gathered by ACFODE and other stakeholders to identify and address social and cultural gender norms that hinder women's rights and opportunities, particularly in areas such as land ownership, access to financial services, and participation in leadership roles.

Spanning from January 2023 to December 2027, the project adopts a multi-year approach to promote gender-inclusive programming and service delivery among member-based organizations.

The project targets specific member-based organizations including Mt. Elgon AgroForestry Communities Cooperative Enterprises Limited (MEACCE) in Mbale District, Bushika Integrated Area Cooperative Enterprise Limited (BIACE) in Bududa, and Busoga Growers Cooperatives Union Limited (BGCUL) in Jinja.

Through these partnerships, the project aims to implement interventions that challenge and transform harmful gender norms, empower women economically, and enhance their participation in decision-making processes within cooperatives. By promoting gender-responsive programming and service delivery, the project seeks to contribute to the creation of a more equitable and just society where women have equal opportunities and rights.



  • We Effect