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Increasing Economic security and opportunity for women in cooperatives in Kasese District( April 2023- 31st March 2024)

This project aims to enhance productivity, income, and access to resources for women involved in the Mt. Rwenzori Coffee Cooperative Union in Kasese District. By promoting their rights, financial literacy skills, and engagement in profitable social enterprises, the project seeks to empower women economically and contribute to their overall well-being.

To achieve its objectives, the project commenced with a comprehensive mapping and needs assessment of women within the Mt. Rwenzori Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. Based on the findings, selected women groups are undergoing training in social entrepreneurship and financial literacy to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage their businesses and finances.

Furthermore, the project will promote innovative digital financial services, including financial literacy and insurance, to enhance the financial inclusion and security of women groups. This initiative is being implemented in partnership with Women Strong International, leveraging their expertise and resources to maximize impact and sustainability. Through these targeted interventions, the project aims to empower women in cooperatives, improve their economic security, and foster sustainable development in Kasese District.