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The Listen Up Workshops

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The Listen Up Workshops: Amplify the voices and power of refugee women and girls to catalyze institutional reform, inter-agency action, and increased resources to reduce Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) in humanitarian settings.
Listen Up was a 3-day skills strengthening workshop designed for women’s organizations to deliver a women’s leadership session to refugee and host communities.

Through our approach we amplified refugee women’s voices in the prevention and response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse perpetrated by humanitarian actors.
Our aim was to train 20 women leaders in understanding women rights within Bidi bidi and Imvepi Refugee Settlements.

This resulted in:

  • The creation of a women leadership network within the refugee settlement and this has enabled women leaders work together to strengthen their collective efforts and actions towards advocacy.
  • Strengthened collaboration among women leaders from refugee and host community to collectively combat sexual abuse and sexual exploitation (SEA) in both communities.