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The Model Couple training helped Samson understand the benefits of girl-child Education

ACFODE in partnership with EIRENE eV International Christian Service for peace and with financial support from BMZ is implementing a project titled; STOP-Prevention of sexual and Gender Based Violence in Ugandan Refugee Settlements and their neighboring communities in Kyaka II Refugee settlement. The project is implemented in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement Itambabiniga zone and Kyakatwaga village host communities in Kyegegwa District. Birungi Jean and Samson Beiza a Congolese couple from Kyaka II refuge settlement as they share the benefits of undergoing the model couple training on SGBV Prevention and response within their communities

Before, attending the Model Couple training by ACFODE we had a lot of misunderstandings in our home due to poor planning and communication. My husband didn’t think educating our two girls was important after all they were to be married off. Jean was an extravagant wife who spent all their savings from Mupokero (cash distribution) on luxury things such as necklaces, makeup, and clothes and had no balance for basic needs yet the whole family was using one form to receive money.

After attending the training we got knowledge on how to solve domestic violence issues, learned basic counselling and also mediation and it is everyone’s responsibility to end the violence because before we used to see a couple quarrelling or fighting and just ignore them.
Since I joined this project of ACFODE I have learned how to plan for my money especially saving and managing my finances”. Says Jean
We were taught about sharing responsibilities as a couple, live peacefully in our home, and learned about equal human rights.
My life is no longer the same because I now look at things differently. I accepted to educate my girls and boys I now know that I’m bringing up responsible ladies unlike before when I thought my efforts in bringing up girls or educating them was a loss”. Says Samson