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Strengthening Community Activism Against Sexual & Gender Based Violence

While handing over the mantle of activism against sexual and gender based violence to the leadership of Kisoro District, ACFODE conducted community dialogues with the project partners in Nyakabande, Busanza, Nyarusiza and Kirundo Sub-Counties. The meetings which were attended by 173 participants (106 male & 67 female) aimed at assessing impact of the 3 year

Secondary School Students Empowered to Integrate GBV Prevention and Response Initiatives in their Programmes

Gender based violence (GBV) in and around schools has been recognized in recent years as a serious global phenomenon. We have ignored for too long what goes on in the school environment. The sad fact is that schools are not always the child-friendly places we expect them to be. Violence can be perpetrated by pupils

Inspiring Community Activism in Monitoring Service Delivery in Oyam District

ACFODE engaged 93 district and sub county stakeholders in a district accountability day on 27th August 2015 in Oyam district. The event aimed at providing a platform where private and civil society actors would hold elected leaders accountable of their roles and responsibilities in community development. During the event, civil society and private sector actors

SAUTI YA SASA Mentees Secure Important Networks

The mentees who have been attending the SAUTI YA SASA young women and youth mentoring programme implemented by Action for Development (ACFODE) have secured important networks for their initiatives. Some of them have in fact submitted proposals and secured partnership for new projects. This is arising from the knowledge and skills in civic engagement and

ACFODE Engages Local Female Leaders

Irrefutably, women in Uganda today have become more visible in politics and governance largely due to the onset of affirmative action. However, this increased visibility that is manifest in the growing number of female leaders at both local and national level is yet to translate into effective representation in the different fora, which they represent.

Explore Social Media to Promote Sexual Health Education

Uganda has a population of about 33 million of which 21%(6.5 million) are youth and this is projected to increase to about 7.7 million by 2015.According to the State of the World’s Population Report (2012), Uganda has the World’s Youngest Population, where 78% of the population is below 30 years, while 52% are below 15