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About Us

Action for Development (ACFODE) is a National women’s interest organization, with vast experience in promoting women’s rights and gender equality in Uganda. For the last three decades, ACFODE has been a strong advocate of gender equality, empowerment of women and girls; and the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls.

ACFODE's Leadership Structure:

General Membership: This is the highest decision-making organ of ACFODE. The general membership elects the Board and is a key resource in programme implementation in collaboration with the secretariat.

Board of Trustees: This is the overall body which over sees the organization and acts as a guardian to the organization with whom the assets and property of the Association are entrusted.

The Board of Directors: It is responsible for policy Development. It monitors policy implementation and provides direction to ACFODE’s work.

The Secretariat: This is headed by the Executive Director and is responsible for the overall planning, resource mobilization and implementation of ACFODE policies and programmes.

ACFODE's Organisational Objectives

  • To increase women’s effective involvement in politics and decision-making through building the leadership capacity of potential female leaders at all levels.
  • To promote good governance and democracy at national, district and local council levels through democracy monitoring and civic education.
  • To defend and protect women’s rights through the elimination of gender-based violence and any form of discrimination against women.
  • To promote formulation and implementation of gender-responsive political, economic and social policies as well as programs.
  • To build and strengthen the capacity of ACFODE and other like-minded civil society organizations for effective implementation of programs intended to benefit the vulnerable women.

ACFODE's Strategic Objectives

  • To influence the formulation and implementation of policies and legislation that promote gender equality.
  • To enhance the capacity of leaders to champion gender equality.
  • To promote positive social-cultural practices that protect the rights of women and girls.
  • To contribute to the effective implementation of programmes that economically empower women and girls in Uganda.
  • To strengthen ACFODE’s systems, and practices for efficient and effective implementation of her mandate.