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Policy Advocacy and Research

The Policy Advocacy and Research pillar focuses on activities aimed at reviewing existing policies from a gender perspective and making recommendations to relevant stakeholders, engaging stakeholders at national and sub national level in dialogue on the enactment and implementation of laws and policies on gender equality. The key laws during targeted include the DVA, GBV Policy and its Action Plan, Uganda Refugee Policy, Succession Amendment Bill, the National Land Policy, the National Housing Policy, the Tier micro finance policy and the National refugee policy.

Under this pillar, ACFODE presents recommendations to different stakeholders provides citizens with opportunities to engage and hold duty bearers at local and national level accountable in enforcing and monitoring effective implementation of the GBV laws and policies.

In this Pillar of Focus, ACFODE undertakes the following projects.
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Enhancing Gender Equality in Member Based Organisations through Policy Advocacy (2018 – 2022)

Gender inequality is a challenge that women often face in their daily lives and this has left them vulnerable and unable to access resources. Realizing the significance of creating awareness on these gaps, ACFODE in… ..../Read More.

Protection of Women’s and Children’s Rights in Uganda- PWACRU (2020-2023)

At ACFODE we believe that women and children have the right to live in a safe environment and this is why we, in partnership with We Effect and with support from the European Union are implementing the PWACRU project.… ..../Read More.

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Building Local, Thinking Global (BLTG) (2018-2020)

The BLTG project was a 2-year strategic partnership with International Rescue Committee(IRC) to provide support to local Gender-Based Violence (GBV) actors within Palabek Refugee Settlement in Lamwo district. The aim… ..../Read More.

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Advocacy for Effective Implementation of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) laws and Policies in Uganda (2017-2021)

Gender based violence is a challenge that women often face in their daily lives and without proper sensitization on the laws and policies that protect them, many are left to suffer in silence. ACFODE therefore… ..../Read More.