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Economic Empowerment

ACFODE conducts trainings for survivor groups for women; newly formed VSLAs and SACCOs under the emyooga programme in financial literacy and economic empowerment.  ACFODE continues to follow up child mothers and women who are part of social enterprise groups, and link to them to UWEP, YLP, CDD, OWC, Emyooga and similar government programs. ACFODE also facilitates engagements with VSLAs, SACCOs, duty bearers at both district and national level on land rights. ACFODE engages in capacity building, media, community dialogues, documentation and production of IEC materials to promote land rights and women’s economic empowerment.

In this Pillar of Focus, ACFODE undertakes the following projects.
Empowered to Act: Enhancing Gender Inclusive Programming and Service Delivery among Member-based organisations. (Jan 2023-Dec 2027)

This project is a collaborative effort aimed at addressing various challenges related to gender inequality and women's economic justice in Uganda. By partnering with We Effect, the project leverages evidence gathered by… ..../Read More.

Increasing Economic security and opportunity for women in cooperatives in Kasese District( April 2023- 31st March 2024)

This project aims to enhance productivity, income, and access to resources for women involved in the Mt. Rwenzori Coffee Cooperative Union in Kasese District. By promoting their rights, financial literacy skills, and… ..../Read More.