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Leadership Development

ACFODE continues to build the capacity of duty bearers and youth to enable them effectively champion women’s and youth’s issues these include women caucuses, youth, district and sub county technocrats. With regard to the youth, ACFODE carries out regional youth dialogues, and implements phase II of the youth mentoring programme, fostering both personal, career growth and building a cadre of young people who are gender sensitive.

ACFODE under the Women Situation Room, monitored the 2021 General Elections; the Women Situation Room (WSR) is a mechanism that mobilizes women and youth to promote full and active participation of women and youth in ensuring peaceful elections in Uganda. ACFODE also documented the experiences, challenges and successes of the women who participated, won or lost in the just concluded ‘scientific’ elections across the project districts; ACFODE trains the newly elected women leaders on their new mandate and produce the Bi-annual Arise Magazine.

In this Pillar of Focus, ACFODE undertakes the following projects.
Enhancing women and female youth awareness and political participation in selected Districts in Uganda(1st June 2023-31st May 2025)

    In recent years, Uganda has seen progress in women's influence on political decision-making, largely due to advocacy efforts by the women's movement focusing on affirmative action. However, at the local government… ..../Read More.

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The Listen Up Workshops

The Listen Up Workshops: Amplify the voices and power of refugee women and girls to catalyze institutional reform, inter-agency action, and increased resources to reduce Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) in… ..../Read More.

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Enhancing Gender Equality in Member Based Organisations through Policy Advocacy (2018 – 2022)

Gender inequality is a challenge that women often face in their daily lives and this has left them vulnerable and unable to access resources. Realizing the significance of creating awareness on these gaps, ACFODE in… ..../Read More.

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Women and Youth Empowerment for Leadership and Women’s Rights Programme – (2018 – 2021)

Women and youth are often underrepresented in leadership roles and therefore need to be empowered and this led us to develop this project. This is a 3-year programme aimed at strengthening gender-responsive governance… ..../Read More.

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Sauti ya sasa is a mentorship programme essentially to enhance women and youth civic engagement and career opportunities. Through this programme, we believe that the youth will develop transferable work-related skills… ..../Read More.